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 Von Leon Test Run?

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Von Leon Test Run? Empty
PostSubject: Von Leon Test Run?   Von Leon Test Run? EmptySun Apr 03, 2011 9:58 am

So here's what I found out about Von Leon.

ShinkuDragon wrote:
ok, went in, gonna mix what i got and what you gave me, here's what i can say:

-CH18 works, 13 as was said by happylight should work too
-Summons Orcs and Mini-castle knights*
-After a minute or two he'll start eating the Mini-castle knights, when he does he recovers 10% of his hp (he has 550 million hp)*
-Sends you out of the map into a prison. You have to break open treasure chests to get a key to be able to get out of the prison and back to the room with Von Leon.
-Casts Potential nullification (it lasts about two minutes and looks like a scroll with a chain around)
-Uses damage reflect; it did 23,000 damage to me the one time I got hit
-You lose 1% exp per death
-There's a potion cooldown of 30 seconds in this room also (though not in the respawn room or the prison).
-Notifications are useful, the teleporting isn't at random, the notifications say for example:
"von leon considers shinkudragon as the most threatening enemy", guess what it says when he teleports, or rather, a second or so before:
"von leon teleports to the most threatening enemy"
-touch damage was 3.5k, and he did 1.5k with his attacks
-when he summons castle knights, it has a specific animation (like a blue burp) and notification advices you he is planning to eat them
-he seemed to recover 100M hp per castle knight round (note i didn't kill any of the castle knights) and i am not sure, but he seems to eat only the ones close to him?

Source : [Only mods are allowed to see this link]

From the Video I saw, (6man run), I believe we should atleast do 2parties.

1st Party (Body Attackers)
1 BaM
1 Bucc
1 Bishop
2 Warriors

2nd Party (Rushers)
3 Rushing Classes (Mechanic/Bucc/Pally/DrK/Hero/Aran/DB)
1 Bishop
1 Sin/DB (Fast DPS class)

1st Party Will Do This:

Rush Von Leon to the left! Why? Because If you die or get sent to the prison you can come right back into the map and attack again with no delays.

Tips : When His hand Glows Purple It indicates he is casting Damage relect.
Theres another that indicates he is summoning but I don't know the color

2nd Party Will Do This:

This 2nd Party Must be Skilled and Know what to do or all will end.

Yea yea.. You don't get to hit the Body of the Great Von Leon >_> but guess what? YOUR PARTY BEARS THE RESPONSIBLITY OF NOT MAKING VON LEON HEAL 10% of His 550mil HP every second

From the video I saw, I noticed Von Leon not summoning anymore monsters... So that means that theres only a set limit he can summon.
What does that mean you ask? It means equip your crappy Spear/Polearm/Knuckle/Sword/BW and rush ALL the Mobs to the right.

1st all 3 Rushers will stay near Von Leon then Rush Every Mob it summons to the right. One will Push it to the right then stay there until the next rusher pushes the next mobs to the right. Once Von Leon Stops Summoning, 2Rushers will bear the responsibility of rushing all mobs to the right AND keeping them ALIVE.

When You Die :
Come back. Go to the Right. Rush again.

The Bishop, WH/BM/MM, Sin/DB Along with 1 Rusher come help attack Von Leon!

Do not push Von Leon ALL the way to the left because people will still be coming in and out of the jail or coming back from being dead.

Watch out for Damage reflects, Dispel, Potential Null (takes your % off you), and Pot Lock.

Make Only 1 Person Loot ALL the coins So He/She Can redeem the tokens, Sell the item And Split the Mesos.
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Von Leon Test Run?
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