Welcome munchkins.. =] Obviously, this is the forums for the super epic awesome guild, Incredible. Enjoy the chow mein fest!
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 Really now?

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Really now? Empty
PostSubject: Really now?   Really now? EmptySat Apr 23, 2011 11:00 pm

Great I don't CWKPQ when I said I could. Great now everyones fucking pissed off. You know how fucking hard it is to set up the run let alone go do it? I do the best I can for you guys and I miss just one day and I get anger from you guys? Wow serouisly? Fucking shit man... Know how hard it is to put up with all this guilt? Guess what? If I didnt host these runs youths would be like WTF is CWKPQ? and I do this all for you guys, fuck, I don't even sell MoNs I gie them out... All this stress and all the time I waste is for your pure mother fucking enjoyment.

Scar run? Ha dude humans make mistakes. Know what? What if I was really a douche and said FUCK YOU BITCH? God dam all these nice thugs I do for you guys and I get shit? Complaints? Bitching?

God dam you guys are fucking spoiled.

For hose who even read this, thank you for your time. And thank you for going on this forum.
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Really now?
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